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How to plan a cocktail party at home!

How to Throw a Cocktail Party


The name says it all: Cocktails are a must at a cocktail party. While you can wait a bit to serve the food, you should have the drinks ready when the first guests walk through the door—it gives people something to do and gets them mingling.

There are three main approaches to serving drinks and each has merits. A full bar includes a wide variety of liquors and mixers. Athemed bar focuses on one type of liquor and an assortment of mixers. A signature cocktail bar features one or two mixed drinks. Regardless of the way you choose to serve cocktails, be sure to include an appropriate amount of wine and beer. And always have plenty of water (make it special by serving sparkling water with lemon or berries) and at least one other nonalcoholic option.


Full Bar

A full bar is by far the most complicated and expensive approach. That said, with a little planning, it’s completely doable—and a lot of fun for serious cocktail lovers. You’ll have a wide assortment of liquors, mixers, and garnishes on hand so guests can enjoy their old favorites—or discover a new cocktail.


Themed Bar

A themed bar features one or sometimes two types of alcohol and a variety of mixers, plus wine, beer, and nonalcoholic drinks. This option is more wallet-friendly than a full bar because you don’t have to buy less popular or more obscure liquors and mixers, some of which might not be used. A themed bar works for any liquor—just serve the appropriate mixers and garnishes alongside.

My favorite option for a themed bar is Champagne because it’s festive and offers so many mixing opportunities. For classic Champagne cocktails, set out sugar cubes, bitters, and liquors. The Bellini, which is made with peach purée, is a classic Champagne cocktail, but you can use other fruit such as blood oranges. Or, put scoops of sorbet on the bottom of Champagne flutes and add your favorite bubbly. Prosecco, an Italian sparkling wine, and cava, a Spanish sparkler, are less-expensive alternatives to Champagne.


Signature Cocktail Bar

My favorite way to serve drinks at a party is to offer a few signature cocktails, plus wine, beer, and nonalcoholic beverages. This is by far the easiest approach to cocktails and can cut down on liquor costs. You can mix the drinks in pitchers ahead of time, then once guests arrive, add ice and serve.

It’s best to provide guests with at least two cocktail choices, preferably made with different alcohols—one with vodka and one with rum, for example. If you’re feeling ambitious, add a dessert cocktail toward the end of the night.

When selecting signature drinks, think about the season and theme of your party. At an alfresco summer party, guests will love refreshing Mojitos or Margaritas. In colder weather, they’ll cozy up to Mulled Red Wine or Spiced Cider.

Turn your favorite cocktail, such as a Gin Fizz or a Negroni, into your own signature drink by simply renaming it for the night. Or serve a classic with a twist, such as a Pomegranate Manhattan.



For serious cocktail drinkers a beverage isn’t complete without its garnish. The basic garnishes are olives, pickled onions, cherries, lemon and lime wedges, salt, and superfine sugar. In addition to offering the basics, use garnishes as an opportunity for creativity—add chile peppers to Margaritas or sugar cane sticks to Mojitos, for example. For a unique twist, try serving a classic cocktail like a gin and tonic with a fresh herb sprig—it will add a hint of flavor and look pretty. If you’re serving specialty cocktails, be sure to include a fun garnish, such as the slice of fruit that finishes the Blood Orange Champagne Cocktail. Ice cubes can double as garnish, adding a touch of flavor and a visual appeal: Simply place fresh herbs, edible flowers, or berries in ice cube trays, add water, and freeze.


Hire a Bartender

If you want to enjoy your own party hiring a bartender is a must. Dont get stuck with bottles in hand running around to make sure your guests have a drink, hire a barman and enjoy the freedom. Check out the following 2 companies based n Dublin

– Cocktails Ireland – http://www.cocktails.ie

– Private Waiter – http://www.privatewaiter.com


hire a bartender

Hire a Bartender The Right Way

Hire a Bartender


I know that finding an appropriate bartenders for your restaurant or bar is not an easy job at all. If you’re one of the owners of the restaurant or bar that has a problem with the staff in the bar, this text will help you to identify the advantages and disadvantages of your employees. And if you have the ambition to create professional bartender from amateur this article can serve you as your guide for this adventure!
Possible mission or Mission impossible?


Let’s get one thing straight from the start. If you have a good bartender that you trust that means  you have a real treasure. Not having him it means that you have a big problem and that certain “treasure” lefts out.
How to identify and hire a proper bartender ? What qualities to look for in a potential candidates for this job?


There are a few professional companies around in Dublin offering professional bartender services for hire by the hour/day – find them at http://www.privatewaiter.com and http://www.cocktails.ie


Below is a list with important questions that you can use during interview.

  • What is your experience in the hospitality industry ?
  • What kind of bars you visit in your free time ?
  • Describe the most stressful job you’ve done so far ?
  • Do you play any sports ?
  • If is a large crowd at the bar, in what order you will serve your guests ?
  • Describe the benefits of working in a team and specify your own positive example of teamwork in solving some problem ?
  • How would you know that your guest drank too much alcohol?
  • How would you act if you have a drunk guest who offend you ?
  • Have you ever worked with a professional bartender and whether you are willing to engage in such a training ?

That would be some basic questions that would give you insights in a qualities of your potential bartenders and will help you to get important information about the skills and personalities of your candidates before you hire a bartender.


You Need a Person With Lot of Energy

Your bartender should be a person who can do a marathon job, long distance runner. This means that he or she has enough physical and mental strength that is not easy to ” spend ” while they do such a demanding tasks.

Speed ​​is one of the qualities that is required for good bartenders. People which you may characterize as “slow” do not fit into this job. You do not want to have ” Gustav ” in your bar right? So say goodbye to all cute ” slow motion ” girls and boys. Without speed there is no effectiveness, and that is what we strive for isn’t it ?
Potential candidates who are regularly engaged in some sports activities have vantage. Sport has a positive impact on the physical and mental condition which results with less absence and the best performance of working tasks during the shift .
On the other hand, candidates who smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol and drugs (including beer and marijuana ) will be more susceptible to health problems and frequent absences. Therefore, do not forget to ask candidates about their habits and sports activities during the interview for job.

Communicative Person with Positive Attitude

Bartending can be an ideal job for the right person. For communicative friendly person it represents the perfect blend of fun and profit. If you choose positive friendly person for your barmen this will attract visitors and make them feel welcome, and they will be happy to get back into your restaurant or bar for coffee or glass of wine again.

Communicative person will also easily join to your team in the bar, express his or her opinion, point to potential problems and willingly give some suggestions to solve it. In this way, you will more quickly overcome possible problems and improve overall business.


Skills and Knowledge of Good Bartenders

Dexterity, quickness, multitasking and getting done in a short time requires a good memory and accuracy while respecting the sequence of actions. It seems that the bartender job is very stressful and requires flexibility, calmness and speed in a same time. These are all qualities that we are looking in our future bartender. Sometimes it seems that the task is very difficult, almost impossible, but with good organization and functional teamwork, work will flow seamlessly even for those with less experience. But what kind of the knowledge we are looking for this job?

Knowledge of basic mathematical operations. As the bartender job involves measurement, computation, and operations with money sure that the person who will do this job must be well acquainted with mathematics. The bartender is often cashier which requires working with money, computation and computer skills.


Hire the perfect bartender

Finally, from my own experience I can say that many successful bartenders start as young, inexperienced and quiet but diligent workers who after some period becomes communicative and perfect candidates for this job.

If you want to educate someone from your staff who has potential to become high quality bartender you must know that being a good bartender is not just about bar work, nor is it about being the chillest cocktail bartender on the strip, nor is it about learning everything about spirits, wine and mixology.
If you want to learn your personnel to be a good bartender you need to show him/her how to look for the most important asset in the industry: the customer.
Once you find them, or educate them to become high quality bartenders you should learn how to keep them in your restaurant or bar.

Cocktail Making Classes For Hen Parties


Wedding Cocktail Bars

Hire a Mobile Cocktail Bar


vintage wedding bar

The first place guests hit after the wedding ceremony? The bar! Since it’s such a popular spot at a reception, it’s important to make the cocktail area one to remember. Here, we rounded up five creative and unexpected ways real brides and grooms served drinks at their weddings — from a modern beachside bash to an alfresco country-club celebration.

For weddings with a rustic theme, take pointers from the DIY beer bar pictured here. The couple, Siobhan and Mark, married in Howth, Dublin – bar provided by Cocktails Irl. “The bar is made with old wood we collected from pallets and construction sites,” says Remy at Cocktails. “He didn’t have a plan, he just built it! Then he drilled his own holes for the beer taps to come through.” To make your own, you can purchase beer-tap supplies from us – Bar Equipment Irl.


beach cocktail bar

Beach Wedding Cocktail Party

This oceanside bar is such a clever idea if you’re getting married on the beach. Once the ceremony has concluded, your guests won’t have to walk very far to get a cold beverage. You could even open the bar pre-ceremony for sparkling water as guests wait for the processional to begin. Have a chat with the guys at Cocktails Ireland for further details, you will have the opportunity to chat with some of the best  around!


led cocktail bar


Hire an LED Cocktail Bar

The super cool LED Mobile cocktail bars available for hire will help transforming any ordinary day in an unforgettable experience. Your wedding party should be nothing  short of extraordinary and the LED bar furniture will help you get the result you want – ALWAYS!



Flair Bartenders

Still unsure of what a flair barman can do and if its worth hiring one – we leave you to be the judge of that. Watch the video and send us your questions here.


Mocktail Party – Non Alcoholic Cocktails

Planning a party at home? Always make sure to cater for those who dont drink, mocktails are fun and cheap to make and always welcomed.

Try the following link here for suggestions and ideas – http://allrecipes.com/recipes/drinks/mocktails/

Hire bar equipment, cocktail glasses, martini glasses, cocktail shakers, mobile bars, LED portable bars and cocktail bartenders for private parties at home with Bar Equipment Ireland. Professional bar hire services offered throughout Ireland!

hire a flair bartender

Hire a Flair Bartender

Hire a Cocktail Flair Bartender

When people imagine a flair bartender, the first thing that comes to mind is usually Tom Cruise’s character as a bottle-flinging bartender in the hit film Cocktail. He juggles bottles, does little tricks with the ice, and generally makes a good show of the usually not-so-exciting drink making process. Yes, this is an example of flair bartending in the strictest sense of the term. But from my experience, there is a wider range of what I consider to be flair bartending than simply the bottle-tossers and flame-fanatics.

Essentially, a flair bartender is any bar keep who is capable of providing extra dazzle and excitement to the customer’s drinking experience. Some do it using tricks such as juggling, some use captivating jokes and stories, but the best use a little dash of both.


First off let’s describe the most widely accepted definition of the flair bartender, your Cocktail juggler.

This type of flair bartender juggles bottles, mixers, and ice, toys around with flammable liquors, and even does the occasional magic trick, known in the industry as bar magic. Some of the tricks are easily learned and are fairly common place—simply bottle flips, pouring using three or more bottles at once, certain flammable drinks—while others are much more difficult, costly in the event of breaking bottles, and even dangerous if fire is involved.